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Updately Update

December 10, 2014…yeah, I’ve been absent a lot lately and one reason for that is that I’m so wordy with my entries that it often takes a lot out of me mentally. I write a lot even when I don’t publish things here I’ve still got half-written entries in the background that maybe will never be finished. So it’s a time consuming process of thinking of stuff to write, trying not to get stale with things, etc. I could write for ages about what’s going on in my head like how my thoughts are like a pinball machine. How I can get from Zelda to my grandmother’s death in a few short thoughts…sooo…it’s kind of annoying and I don’t think it makes for great writing. It’d be great if there were something beyond the anxiety to talk about, but there’s not.

Then there’s writing about politics, while I enjoy it and I can do it, I know it’s a touchy subject. Or writing about religion. Again: touchy subject and I’m an Atheist and I don’t really care what anyone else believes. Maybe I will do something on that in the future. Anyway, you get my point, right? So I’m going to try to do two entries a week or two entries every two weeks or something–for my own sanity. I like web logging here and I like that quite a few of you seem to respond to it. I just feel like I’ve been neglecting this place and I needed to explain why, as stupid as that sounds.

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