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All Things End

December 16, 2014

It’s not the end of the world, but you can see it from here.

This may or may not be an odd post to some of you, but given that I normally post about my romantic problems, my anxiety, and how I’ve been depressed in the past…’eh…you can handle this.

Sometimes in my more contemplative moments I wonder about things like what to write and s\entries half-finished and there’s one thread that’s been constant: I wonder about the last day of the Roman Empire. Mostly because I find the end of things a fascinating topic and Rome to be an event more fascinating topic. Did they know it was the end? Did they even care? From what I’ve read that by the time the last emperor abdicated the throne barely anyone had any civic concerns about being Roman anyway.

I’m fairly certain that the transition from the Roman Empire to the early Middle Ages weren’t too different–at first. No, like most structures and governments, things likely changed slowly at first and before anyone knew it life wasn’t as it was under Rome. True, this had been happening for far longer than when empire finally gave up the ghost, but by then the glory days were a distant memory. Or I would think.

Then I think about US society today and wonder if it’s happening again: if the US is dead and we’re just a corpse too stupid to realize it. I don’t mean it in a right wing jingoistic, “‘Murika has become degenerate!” But more in the sense that we’re trying to keep an idea alive that’s been dead for a long time already and we’re just clinging to an empty shell going, “Don’t go!” To be sure, I’m not a doom and gloomer, there are aspects of this society that really make me question things.

And then there’s other times where things seem to be going smoothly. Trouble is that the last 7 years have shown that the scar tissue is building up. So, how long until we realize that our government, our way of life, has changed permanently? How long until our end comes? Will we realize it or will we continue to cling for something that no longer exists except in a memory?

Which brings me to my last thought: What will the end be like for me? Or for my friends? Will they be remembered as they are or will they just fade into history? With the advent of social media I’d say our chances of, at least, electronically living forever are pretty great, but as the title of this post says: all things end. And what’ll happen to that data later on? It’s a very fragile thing. We think it’s permanent and true, the internet does have a long memory, but something cataclysmic could happen and wipe that all out. It’d…wipe…me out. It’d wipe you out.

All that knowledge and love and friendship and heartache all gone. That’s a pretty fucking terrifying thought! So, back to my story idea. Or…my story. It really is as that greatly cliche from Doctor Who goes, “We’re all stories in the end. Make it a good one.” And that’s what I intend to do: make it a good story. Or at least mildly interesting. Thank you for reading this really dour entry. Hopefully I didn’t scare any of you away and if I have then allow me to bribe you back with a kitten: (not mine)


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