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Don’t Hit Women Hit On Them

December 18, 2014


I was worried about finding a topic to write about today but this little bit of wit from me kind of inshpiahed me. It got me to think about that expression, see, she jokingly said I was hitting on her aunt and I kind of ran with the joke but I thought about it and…yeah, saying, “Hit on someone,” is a pretty fucked up expression. Especially in conjunction with, “Hit on women,” and like I said: it’s a pretty violent way to talk sweetly to someone or try to get something from them. Which goes to the other expression, “Hit you up,” what the fuck? No, hitting me up would be knocking me into the air like a Loony Toons character which isn’t possible. Or if you’re Superman or Batman…okay, I’m getting sidetracked here. Why ‘hit’? It’s a verb with very few non-violent definitions. And even with non-violence it still sounds violent.

Do I hit women? Oh no, I hit on them…har har..still sounds like domestic violence to me because I have heard of ‘hitting on’ someone in the context of beating them up before. And yeah, this is a very minor quibble and probably the stupidest thing to write about, but I find language and its usage very fascinating. Like commas used at inopportune times or not at all. Plus taking one simple preposition out and it changing the complete meaning of a sentence. Jesus Christ, I am a teacher. But wordplay is fun and as far as I know, English is a fairly tough language to grasp because we have several meanings for the same word or we make up our own words with their own meaning. Really, when you think about it, it’s rather amazing that we’re able to communicate at all with all of these stupid grammatical rules.

But as you can see: our expressions for coming onto women are fairly violent sounding sometimes and I think I know why. See, when we were cavemen we used to see a pretty lady and take her as ours. Now we have to sound violent without actually being violent so we come up with phrases like hitting on them and the like. And if you believe any of this…my apologies. I really don’t know why some things in English are so violent, but my bullshit reason is as good as any and this is starting…to…feel…like butter….scraped over…too…much…bread.

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