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The March To Paradise

December 19, 2014

I noticed my PS4 didn’t go into power save mode while I was asleep, the rat bastard. Yeah, I’ve been watching Netflix before I go to sleep because the power button on my tv’s remote no longer works. Plus my Wii U gamepad is fucked. Welcome to my pathetic life in 30 seconds.

I exercised yesterday and I did more than I’ve done in a while thanks to my apartment’s exercise room that has a treadmill and weights. Plus it was only 38 degrees yesterday or 2 to you celsius types. So…that was fun. I woke up feeling like an old man, though. My back’s killing me, my legs feel like they’re made of jello or at least a glue that’s been dried out overnight and shoulders that continue to remind me why I hate them so much.

In short: my morning’s starting off kind of sucky. Here’s hoping today gets better. It should be except it looks gray outside. Again. Goddamnit. I know it’s starting to transition into winter, but can we get some sunshine? I know sunny days are possible even during winter. Next week they’re calling for 54 (12) on Christmas eve. Merry Christmas! You get a taste of early spring which isn’t so bad, I suppose, but I bet there’ll be no sun then either.

I can really see why my ancestors called winter the death of seasons and why they chopped down trees to appease tree spirits by lighting it up with candles. They tried to sustain life by doing this because they saw nature ‘dying’ all around them during this time of year. Also probably has to do with a memetic memory of the last ice age, too. I imagine early humans would be afraid that winter might not end, again, after coming through that. So it kind of carried on and continues to carry on, but with less of a spiritual aspect. Hooray for co-opted holidays.

Or at least this is my interpretation of it from studying things. Anyway, I’m gonna go warm up and take some pain meds.

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