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Coffee And Tv

December 23, 2014

Whew….what a difference a few days make: I know what my date will be like, I saw the Angry Video Game Nerd’s movie, and I’ve started exercising again. First, my date: just hanging out and drinking some beer and watching movies and gaming. Perfect for me…I wonder if it’s too early to propose…I kid. But yeah, she’s really great and extremely understanding. I have an image in my head of dating as being a rather stuffy affair, I’m glad in this case it won’t be.

Next, the AVGN movie was hilarious. It was indie, it had intentionally low budget looking effects at points and…it worked. My only complaint—which was probably intentional—is that the plot was really complicated to a rather silly and pointless level. Again: this was probably the idea, but I wish it’d have been a little tighter in that department, but overall a very fun and foul-mouthed movie.

Lastly, I’ve been exercising again and boy…does my body feel it. My legs hurt and my arms hurt and all around I feel miserable in the morning, but it’s like adding a new spice to a meal: you can taste the subtle differences in it, but you can also really appreciate what you’re going through. That’s been my exercising experience thus far, I hurt, but I also know that it’s for a good reason and that I did earn it through my actions. Sooo….something to take pride in and I’m doing it tomorrow as well. I realize this isn’t my usual fare, I’m usually more introspective, but I’m kind of tired for introspection. If anything comes up later or tomorrow or on Christmas I will be sure to post it.

In case I don’t update for a bit, I hope you all have a great and merry Christmas and have a very happy new year. I think 2015 will be great. I hope. Power laces, a new Jaws will be out, and cars will fly.

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