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I’m Not That Guy

December 23, 2014

I’m hesitant to write about this topic because I feel like it’s a, ‘Look at me, I’m different!’ Kind of post, but I was at the mall recently and while walking toward a woman’s store I saw a fairly bored looking guy being lifted off the ground by his girlfriend as she was exiting the store…aaand yeah, I’m not going to be that guy when I’m in a relationship. I won’t be that guy standing outside of the store looking like a goon while she shops. And you can say this is all hypothetical you want, but I walked through a Sephora and The Body Shop with Glornax-7 and didn’t really mind it.

I saw another side of things that some, not all, guys deprive themselves of when they’re with the women they care about. I’m not saying play dress-up with your girlfriend or anything, but c’mon, she would appreciate it if you’re there. Do what I do: see it as a learning experience. You learn what they like, what they don’t like, what makes them happy, etc. guys complain about how, ‘I don’t know what women want,’ well…there’s your chance. Plus it’s just the right thing to do if you’re ostensibly with someone.

It’s never boring for me, though, I find it interesting and enjoy the experience by learning. That’s one trait I’ve never lost: I enjoy learning about everything. I’m an info sponge and will make note of things if it seems particularly important. But the guy that goes, ‘Oh…that stuff doesn’t interest me and I’m not going to go into a girl’s store,’ yeah, fuck that guy. He’s why their girlfriends feel so lonely when they’re out. It helps not to have any pre-conceived notions of your own masculinity, too. If you think, ‘These are stores that gays and women like, I’m so repulsed,’ that’s the wrong kind of attitude to have.

Treat it like a Rosetta stone for finding out what your significant other would like and the experience won’t be that awful. Again: this feel like a topic I’m trying to stretch and bragging. So I’m gonna stop. Suffice it to say that I think more guys should be open-minded about going into ‘women’s stores’ with their girlfriends, it just might strengthen your relationship.

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