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Threads Of The Future

January 1, 2015

As anyone who has been following this web log for a while knows: my 2014 was shit. I lost the woman I loved who was also my best friend, I relapsed in my anxiety because of the situation with her, and I’ve been generally rudderless all year. So! Rather than doing a year end review I’m going to look forward and share some of the threads that are in motion now and hopefully continue all through 2015.

First off: After the…er..woman ditched me it allowed me to become more open to friends I’ve had for a long time who were kind of absent due to focusing all of my time on the Ms. H. I also became reacquainted with a girl I knew in the 1st grade and my friend that I had made about 9-10 years ago and she found me again. Which is the closest to ‘fate’ I’ve ever experienced because she made friends with a high school friend of mine and only knew my nickname: fido, but she found me on facebook.

Since then she’s been great and nudges me into positive directions with my life. I even successfully asked her out on a date. And she said yes. Soo…good thread to continue and hopefully things go well. My friends, Holly and Ryan also got married and I attended their wedding and had a really great time.

I also started driving alone again with some nudges from Ms. E aaaand that’s been successful as well. I also started exercising again because I haven’t in a long time and I really need to, but also because it’s fucking cold outside and I’m really attached to my testicles. We’re BFF’s, after all.

I also had a really great Christmas and managed to get up to PA with no problem. Of course I did have a panic attack that night. But not because of travel. So that sucked, but overall…not bad. The last part of the year’s been really mostly positive and stuff I’m looking for for the future.

I’m also writing again and I think I’ve found my calling or maybe I’ve been ignoring it my whole life, but I think I’d like to teach. I seem to be good at it and at parsing information that’s easy to digest, apparently. So I think I’ll take those first steps this year. Anyway, those are my positive threads for 2015. I found that 2014 tested my limits of how much bullshit I could take and still be left standing. And here I am. Still going. So what Rocky said is true, ‘It’s not how hard you can hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep going.’ Well, September knocked the shit out of me and I’m not slowing down over that nonsense.

Have a great year, everyone.

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