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New Audience And Pulling Teeth

January 7, 2015

I’ve noticed quite a few new followers lately so let me formally say: Thank you for finding my web log interesting enough to follow even if I don’t update a lot. I hope you enjoy your stay.

As for me, I get a jaw tooth pulled tomorrow that I’d been procrastinating on getting fixed since at least May. So, while I am nervous as hell, I’m seeing it as the price of procrastination and anxiety. Lucky me it’s only one tooth and one I can live without. It’s been falling apart since May, this is just its final song. I keep imagining all of these nightmare scenarios like what if I have a panic attack and die while having it extracted. Or maybe I panic and he pulls more than my tooth out. Or he sees something wrong and I have to be referred to an oral surgeon. Or…yeah…you get the picture.

I know they’re all bullshit, but my imagination is really vivid and the winter is a bad time for me. Doesn’t help that I’m very lonely. So lonely in fact that I email Glornax-7 just for something to do. And she doesn’t even reply! Don’t get me wrong: there are a lot of positive things going on right now, but at the moment I’m just a ball of nerves. I’m scared. I’m tired of being alone. And cold weather really gets me down in the dumps.

The other issue is the odor in any dentist office that bugs me, it usually sends me into a little anxious fit. You know the smell? That sickly sweet nauseating medical smell. It hits you right when you enter the office and you can’t even pretend that you’re anywhere else but a dentist’s office. Home of pain and misfortune for anyone who let’s their oral hygiene go a little south.

So yeah, you can say I’m not too happy about tomorrow. Well, I am in a way, I can finally chew on the right side of my mouth after it heals and I need not worry about getting little bits of tooth in my food as I chew. But overall, it’s a pretty nerve wracking experience for me. I actually got banned from a dentist’s office when I was 7 because I started screaming so much.

That’s not to say that I haven’t had good experiences at the dentist. I got my wisdom teeth out two at a time and was awake for both of them. The two bottom ones were the easiest. They numbed me, put the instrument in my mouth and in about 5 minutes it was over. Actually, that happened so quick I was wondering if he actually pulled them. The two top ones took a bit longer to pull, but I was awake for them, too. The worst part was hearing the crunching sound that my top right one made as he pulled it, but that went smoothly, too.

I know I’ll be okay, but I really want this fucking over with and tomorrow cannot come and go too soon. I think I’ll feel better afterward. I hope. Anyway, I’ll update more tomorrow after it’s yanked.

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