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January 12, 2015

Yeah, this post might get some women maaaybe hating me. Or maybe not. Hopefully more not than will. I recently read an article about Melissa McCarthy being eyed by Paul Feig for a part in his new Ghostbusters movie to which I vomited a little, then once I regained my composure I tried not to break things. See, this will all sound very sexist, but no, I just can’t stand Melissa McCarthy in her film roles. Oh, she’s fine when she’s on Mike & Molly, her character has depth and a personality, but on the big screen….

Yeeeaaaahh…she’s what I call a fat lady minstrel act. She’s rude and crude because hey! Fat! That’s what fat women are, right? Loud and crude and disgusting, right? I sometimes get the feeling that she’s the new Chris Farley except she’s not addicted to drugs and alcohol and there was this whole backlog of roles written for Farley and when she came on the scene they just changed the gender. This isn’t a knock against either for their weight, but while Chris Farley’s characters were fat and stupid, he could put some heart to them that was maybe lacking in the script. Melissa McCarthy, however, she doesn’t do that—at least in her movies. They’re just one note, ‘she’s fat and gross and in-your-face’ because that’s funny, ‘eh? Her roles just strike me as acceptable target-ism which annoys the hell out of me and really typecasts her in these stupid ass movie parts.

Given that the only other writer (so far) for this dreck is Katie Dippold who wrote The Heat…sorry, I’m just not buying that this movie will capture any of the original movie’s charm, either.

I don’t like that this is strictly a female only movie. No, don’t mistake me: I have no problem with female only movies. But this just strikes me as a gimmick to lure in female audiences with strong and powerful womanly portrayals…with the crude lady playing the lynchpin of the movie. Don’t fool yourself: this movie may be number 1 for curiosity’s sake, but lovers of the original movie will likely be divided over it and the new audience will eat this shit up. But me, no, I don’t buy it. I’m also against rebooting films for specific audiences.

And this all really does sound really sexist, because hey, he’s complaining about an all-woman movie. But no, it just doesn’t feel organic to me. The suspension of disbelief will not be there for me. How about instead of an all woman cast you blend it? Or branch off with the franchise idea that was in the video game? That would at least make more sense. But with this…

You know how in Howard The Duck when Howard’s on his home planet you see duck versions of things that are here like Playduck? Yeah…that’s kind of what’s here. It doesn’t make me feel like it’s a decision to make a decent movie but an executive’s attempt to make more Ghostbuster movies…with women! Oh ho! So clever. The ladies will love it and men can’t complain without seeming sexist. It’s perfect!

Anyway, I know very little about this movie yet, but everything I’ve read so far it’s a dog with fleas. And I normally don’t pre-judge movies, because the weirdest ideas for movies have been great. But to me, from what I’ve been reading, this just sounds awful and an insult to people that enjoy this franchise.

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