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Productively Productive Winter

January 19, 2015

I’d say since my anxiety has been a main thing in my life that this has been my best winter. I haven’t dreaded it and I’ve actually been enjoying myself. I’m exercising at least once every day and the results are starting to help me. I’m getting back to driving by myself and things just seem to be looking up. I hope it stays this way, but right now I’m enjoying my life.

I’m writing again but currently just outlining my characters in Scrivener—which I really like. It has a nice layout and it’s been a really good program that makes me go, ‘MS Word, who?’ I’m also writing out a piece for my largest project to date and the most ambitious. I know I’m being very vague with this, but I think I’ll have it up and going in February so I’ll keep you all posted.

The Glornax-7 situation hasn’t gotten any better, but I think eventually she get over it and pull her head out of her ass. If not, oh well, I think she’s mentally still a teenager. Sooo….can’t really help that. I just have to give things time and hope she grows up. I’m not the most mature person out there, but I’ve never went silent on someone because I’m mad at them.

I think not having that chaos in my life has kind of helped me, though. Now I’m focusing on me and what I need to fix. Aaaaand….I’m really jealous of my brother. He’s gotten his shit together and I’m extremely proud of him, but now I want what he has. Not in quite the same way, but I want a good job with a stable relationship and just get the fuck on with my life.

I’m working on that, though. And I think next fall I’m going to go back for some classes so I can start the on the path to being a teacher. Or at least in that direction. Anyway….pretty boring entry considering my usual topics, but I haven’t updated a lot lately and I generally don’t like talking about myself. Anyway, till later.

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