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Days Off…Are The Worst

January 20, 2015

I thought having a day off to work out the soreness in my legs would help, hey…doing minimal stuff and healing up…but nope. In fact, today feels like a little bit of regression with my anxiety. I woke up at 6am to a nice throbbing which I mistook for my heart going wonky aaaaand I couldn’t sleep after that. I had therapy today and that was good, but the rest of the day was meh and a blur. It’s now 8:01pm and I feel so unaccomplished today. I also didn’t realize it was 8:01pm either. So…that tells you a bit where my head is today.

I guess we all have bad days and this was one of mine and hopefully the last one for a little while. But good that I didn’t have to take a klonopin or anything despite my anxiety. I also took a nap around 2 and woke up at 4-ish. My day, ladies and gents. And it’s only getting better. I’m even having trouble writing this. I also find it incredibly boring. So let’s talk about…I dunno…okay, that’s enough for me today. I couldn’t even think of a random thought to write there.

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