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Germy Psychiatry

February 19, 2015

If you’re sick and you have therapy: don’t go. All you do is risk everyone’s health by going. And all you do for me is piss me off. I realize that therapy is important and it has given me the ability to make strides toward feeling better, but it’s not necessary as the office will still be there when you’re over it. It doubly pisses me off because my father is immuno-suppressed after his kidney transplant so while you may have the sniffles, it could seriously hurt him. So that makes it even worse.

This lady came in today hacking and coughing and snotting all over the waiting room and then she did her routine near the secretaries and near the door on the way back to the therapy offices. Yeah, fuck you lady. I really don’t enjoy going at a fast walk while covering my face because you felt the need to risk everyone’s health by coming in.

I can see if you have a serious problem like a heart condition or cancer…yeah, you wanna get that stuff checked out, but it’s therapy. The only time you definitely need to see a therapist is it you’re suicidal. Otherwise any psychiatric disorder you could have could be best treated at any other time. Before you say, ‘She could be suicidal,’ I seriously doubt that. She was an older woman who just didn’t care if she got anyone else sick. So yeah…stay home. Don’t be a dick.

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