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Arrrrghgasm: Heated Gyms

March 2, 2015

For those unfamiliar with my proto-web log on facebook: I used to have a feature on there called an Arrrghgasm, an arrrghasm is just me venting about stuff that pisses me off. Usually these are little bit of trivial annoyances that happen in my every day life. Soo…without further delay.

I’m not a very…svelte man, I also have a lot of anxiety associated with getting too hot so when I go to a gym I reasonably expect it to be at least cool enough I don’t feel like I’m on a long trek through the Amazon. Unfortunately the people that run my apartment do not get that when you exercise you generate heat, because I figure if they had gotten that simple concept that they wouldn’t set the heat to 71 in a fitness center about the size of a middle school classroom. So, when I’m on the treadmill trying to do my mile I don’t want the air, which is already thick with heat, to have more heat added to it. I don’t appreciate sweating before I’m actually supposed to be sweating.

Do people actually pine for this? Is this something people go, “Yes! I totally am soaked during exercise, I’m the man!” Or is there something more sinister at work here where they presume the hotter it gets the less you’ll want to use their equipment. This is the kind of thing that pisses me off about winter (which I went over) no one knows how to use the goddamn heat. It’s why I wear shorts even in the winter. This effect is multiplied when the ceiling is practically touching you when you’re on the treadmill and there’s six vents. Yes, six vents pumping out this heat while you’re trying to exercise in peace.

Like I said: I’m not a very svelte man but my goal is to become a somewhat svelte man, but I can’t do that if I’m constantly on edge because no one knows how to run the damn central heat. Maybe if I were thinner I’d feel the nice chill more? Oh, I can’t wait for that day, it’ll be glorious. Then I can roast everyone else out of a room. Until then: learn how to use a fucking thermostat in a fitness center that’s rather small and a little cramped if more than 4 people are there.

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