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Memories Of Terry Pratchett

March 16, 2015

In 1995 my brother got a point-and-click adventure game called Discworld for the original Playstation, the game took place is an unusual universe and the lead, Rincewind, was voiced by our favorite Python at the time, Eric Idle. It was quirky, had a good sense of humor about its own absurdity and it occasionally broke the 4th wall. In short: we loved it. That was our first exposure to Terry Pratchett and his brand of humor and quite possibly the start of our love affair with British comedy. Years later when Discworld II came out we were right on top of that it was just as great as the first game. Keep in mind that at this time I didn’t really read books at the time because the books I had been given in school didn’t really interest me so I figured, “Fuck this, this is a boring activity,” and went back to video gaming or watching tv.

When I got older and had picked up books that I actually enjoyed reading I eventually got to Terry Pratchett’s books and he was amazing. His world was full of such depth and all of the characters were interesting. He also had a lot to say about life and death and all of our little foibles. But yeah, it’s safe to say that he’s one of my favorite authors and I doubt we’ll get someone like him again. But at least he’ll live on through his books and in the clacks of the internet. He was an amazing person and handled his alzheimer’s with such humor and courage and he will be missed. So thank you, Terry Pratchett, for affecting my life with your whimsy and your thoughtfulness.

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