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Weight Lossedly Weight Loss

April 21, 2015

i’ve gained back most of the 15-17lbs I’ve lost…man, that sounds horrible to say, but it’s true. I’ve got gotten comfortable and I depended on my own inertia to see me through…big mistake. I hate that it’s so easy to gain weight and I hate that I seem to gain it seemingly by doing nothing but breathing. So, I’m going to try some things like actually sticking to counting or at least keeping track of calories, being mindful of mindless snacking, and finding other activities to stave off hunger pangs than eating—so get ready for a lot of web log entries.  

Also cutting out unnecessary items such as sugary drinks. And not eating after 7. I know the whole, ‘It doesn’t matter when you stop eating,’ it does. At least for me it does. No high calorie food, either. And try to walk at least a little bit each day even if it’s not a goddamn marathon. Just being more active than I already am will help a lot. I don’t know…I’m tieed of being who I am some days and not finding any success in anything. Can’t lose weight very well, can’t overcome my anxiety, I can’t get my novel written, I can’t maintain any sort of relationship…you know, put that way it’s really fucking depressing.  So time to change that and hopefully keep at it. 

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