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Three Pounds Lost

April 22, 2015

Soo..just for shits and grins I weighed myself last night and amazingly I weighed the same weight that I weighed yesterday morning. I thought that was neat and fun, but yep…I woke up today and I was 3lbs lighter. That put a nice spring in my step today and I’m continuing to eat under what I should have for the day. Thanks, MyFitnessPal who have either been bought out by Underarmor or were always a part of Underarmor. Good to see a local company getting so big. I also haven’t had any anxiety today which is a plus, but in a strange way I kinda…miss it…kinda. It’s like a friend you dislike but you notice when they’re gone, that kinda thing.

I’ll write something more later, non-weight loss related. But it’s a good feeling to feel like I’m regaining my footing there again.

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