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As A Matter Of Confidence

April 24, 2015

I think a lot of my problems with anxiety and shyness come from a lack of confidence and since anxiety loves sapping any shred of confidence I might have…well…you have a recipe for some shitty moods. So I was digging and took a ‘rate your self-confidence’ quiz. I achieved a 42 which is higher than I thought I would be. And then I took that info and went to their tips section and one was to list out 50 things that you love and admire about yourself. I struggled. I can list all of my faults very readily, but when it came to my own self-worth I’m just shit at assessing my better qualities. After some thinking and feeling like I was constipated (really, try thinking of 50 things you like) I managed to get to 50.

Keep in mind these are qualities I love about myself that mostly come from what people have told me over the years that they like about me and I do see them in me. I don’t think I’m going to put them on 10 cards and shuffle them around and look at one card a day until I finally start to believe. But I am going to press myself to see the positive in me. I need to–it’s all I’ll ever surely have is me. Soo…without further adieu…my ego trip:

50 Positive things I like about myself

1) I’m really nice.
2) I try to help out whenever I can.
3) I like my sense of humor.
4) My hair is awesome.
5) I’m a wordsmith.
6) I give people money if they need it—even if it hurts me later.
7) I’m really creative.
8) I’m easy to talk to.
9) I do my best to be a good person.
10) I know how to use a turn signal.
11) my eyes are blue.
12) I don’t follow people easily.
13) I can easily detect bullshit.
14) I love to laugh.
15) I can be wise.
16) I’m not afraid to fail.
17) if I believe in a cause I’ll throw myself into it.
18) I have better than average hearing.
19) I’m a happy drunk.
20) I make sure any woman I’m interested in will be happy.
21) I hate talking about myself so this is tough.
22) I love to learn.
23) I love to teach.
24) I can drive well.
25) I like that I can enjoy a nice day.
26) I’m an Atheist.
27) I’m a geek.
28) I’m a nerd
29) I’m a dork.
30) i’m not afraid to be act stupid…most of the time.
31) My web log is growing.
32) I’m good at reading people.
33) I know a lot of information.
34) My memory is really good.
35) I think a lot.
36) I love music in all its forms.
37) I appreciate beauty in anyone.
38) I don’t judge people on first sight.
39) i really like intimacy.
40) I love a good meal.
41) I get along real well with my brother.
42) i get along with anyone.
43) I’m very empathetic.
44) I make it a point to try cheering my friends up.
45) I’m fair at gaming.
46) I like to travel.
47) I love new experiences.
48) I forgive easily.
49) I can be funny.
50) I like walking.
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