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More Lost Weighty

April 25, 2015

I lost a couple more pounds last night. I’m worried my friends are going to think I went anorexic or something, but I’m not. Hell, I ate three tacos and chips & quac from Chipotle last night, that’s hardly starving yourself. Oh and a soda. I have become a bit more disciplined in how I eat, though. When I have a bag of chips (or crisps for my non-US readers) I don’t just dive in and eat the bag. I eat a serving, put it away, and that’s it. I’m actually kind of surprised at how easy it is for me to turn down food and drink. Normally when I’ve been going to the grocery store I get one soda. Yesterday I didn’t even go for one because I knew that later I’d be having one anyway at Chipotle. 

I just keep a mostly accurate record of my calories throughout the day and try to be a little more active than I usually am. Of course it’s not like I don’t get hunger pangs every now and then—I do. But instead of eating a whole lot I go for the water or a snack I know won’t be too heavy on the calories. This system’s been working for me and I’m really happy about it. I’m not denying myself the foods I like, but I am just not eating a metric fuck ton of them anymore and that helps. As does the walking. Although that’s been a pain for my lately because of a muscle in my back, but I do manage to soldier through it. All in all I’m really happy and excited that in just a short time I’ve been able to lose 7lbs of the weight I had gained back. The real challenge will be once I’m back to the original weight I started at. 

Yeah, I’m still not mentioning how much I weigh because I’m still very much embarrassed about it, but once I hit my goal I probably will say it as it won’t matter as much to me then. Anywhoo…I’ll update more later.

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