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Rain Fallen

April 26, 2015

I keep in mind that every say I’m probably subject to intense anxiety/panic attacks and today was one of those days. The thing is that I really don’t know where it came from. See, I was supposed to go to the store and for whatever reason that all filled me with dread, I felt nauseous and had gas pressure in my chest. I’m going to conclude that it was mostly from the onions I ate yesterday that caused this stomach flippity flop….aaand I freaked. Not a bad freak-out, mind you, but enough that I thought I was going to have a panic attack. That’s also been the theme for the rest of the day: keeping the anxiety in check. 

I hate these kind of days, but at least I’m surviving them without going into full-blown panic mode. So that’s good, and maybe lay off the onions around dinner time.  All in all today didn’t really suck. I bought FTL as it was on a Steam sale and I apparently blow horse peen at it. Really, I never get anywhere without dying eventually. I feel like I’m having my very own Groundhog Day every time I played—even on easy I died!

But it’s an addictive game and I know I’ll improve at it. I also realized I’m almost done with MKX and have beaten it with almost every character. Sooo….c’mon Netherealms…bring out Jason Voorhees. Other than that the weight loss is holding steady as I haven’t gaines weight and nor have I lost it today. More on that tomorrow depending on what my scale says. 

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