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Nine Makes A Difference

April 29, 2015

I was kind of stuck on what I wanted my update to be about today and I went for a walk and I had it: 9 pounds down makes a hell of a difference. Yeah, over the last two days I’ve lost two more pounds and I went walking today which was great. Now, to put that in context: When I was walking last week I felt like I was dying because of my back aching so horribly. I had to stop every twenty feet or so. Today I barely stopped, my back didn’t ache, and I actually feel really good, if a little salty from sweating. All in all I’m feeling fucking great about this weight loss, but te real challenge begins when I get back down to the weight I was at originally.

I’m feeling really good about this and I’ve been getting a lot of support from friends and family which helps immensely to keep me going. I really want to be rid of this burden finally and I think this time I’m going to make it. I’m tired of shaming myself into silence and not really enjoying myself or being able to buy clothes I want or even buy them in person because oops, they don’t sell my size. 

So yeah, time to fix this and fix me in the process. 

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