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Writing Promptly

May 13, 2015

I’ve been in a rut creatively and the post I’m writing for this blagh behind the scenes I know is going to piss a lot of people off, so I’m massaging that shit so there’s no lumps where some idiot can go, “Gotcha!” And walk off smugly in the sunset. So there’s that, but also just struggling to find stuff to write about. I have the weight loss that’s going and of course I’m going to be updating about that semi-regularly, but outside of that, the thrust is gone. So I looked at some web log writing prompts…aaand I feel useless when I have to delve into this stuff, but my best creativity comes from the ability to interact and since I don’t have anyone as a sounding board too much…I fail. Yeah, I have my therapist, but I don’t see him every day and we usually talk about anxiety and such, but these days it’s mostly hopes and ambitions.

I’m going to try one of the prompts, though, because I do like answering questions that do not involve anything academic.

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