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Thoughts On Weight Loss

May 18, 2015

So far I’ve only lost about 12/13 pounds and I can already feel a difference and mostly in my skin. People would have you convinced that being fat means you’re squishy already, but that’s not necessarily true. When I was bigger my skin was pretty hard. Or at least a squishy hard–more like silly putty tough. But as I’ve lost weight I’ve noticed that my fat has been…squishier…not that I mind. It’s just something I’ve noticed. It’s more malleable than it was before and that’s definitely not something I paid attention to before, but it’s damn noticeable now.

I’m also colder easier. I dunno if it has to do with less salt intake or not, but I’ve been feeling pretty chilly with the a/c going. Keep in mind that this is just by losing 12/13 pounds thus far. I’m liking it, though. I hated being hot all the time and my clothes fitting like poo. Now my clothes fit less like poo and I’m feeling the changes. Granted the last few days have been a little rough emotionally. I really do not know where these melancholic feelings are coming from, but I wish they’d leave. Good things are happening and I want to feel good while just losing the weight and regaining who I was. I lost a lot due to this weight and I’m busy trying to recapture it.

Anywhoo…until later.

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