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Doom Doooom Doooooooommm

May 23, 2015

Maybe I’m a little late to the video gamer doom and gloom despair grimdark fantasy of depression, but I shall attempt to add my voice to the choir and add something somewhat different. This generation of consoles has thus far failed to impress me. I love my PS4 but damn…it’s a disappointment from the gaming standpoint. Oh, don’t worry: I’m typing this on a sweet ass beast of a PC, but I do love my consoles as well. The problem is that my current console’s gamepad is broken. Yep, I’m talking about the Wii-U now. Why? Because the other two aren’t consoles. PS4 and Xbox One would be infinitely better if they had just focused on gaming and maybe added some Netflix and a Youtube channel there and that’s it. As it is it tries to be everything to everyone and fails miserably.

They are not consoles at this point, they’re just under-powered PC’s and nobody wants an under-powered PC with half of the experience of the PC and less than half of the games. You know, there’s a reason why so many PS+ games for the PS4 are platformers instead of big named hits: because there aren’t any. I think the last one that I remember being qualified as a ‘known’ quantity is InFamous: First Light and that wasn’t even one of their better games. I like it and I love the series, but was Second Son really that much of a money maker that giving it away for free is going to break the bank?

So no, you give away the lesser known indie games away for free because…um..yeah, that’ll get people paying for them. I don’t have the figures to back this up, but I’m pretty sure Sony’s fucking the indie scene it’s hoping to build by doing this. And Xbox One…is it any better? Who knows. I doubt it if the experience on the best selling console, PS4, is anywhere close to the same. If this is the best you guys can do then the console market is in for some seriously dark days. I like the Wii-U, though, mostly because it is giving me a console experience even if everyone considers it too kid-friendly.

I forgot how sophisticated console gamers are what with how well Call of Duty: Explosive Jizz Fest Warfare 6969 is, still! So sophisticated, I apologize. I know not all console gamers are that way and some are actually very nice. My experience in GTAV’s multiplayer has been pretty positive. It’s just a shame my router sucks so horribly that multiplay isn’t viable for me, just yet. The short of my entire rant is this: If I wanted a PC, I’d build a PC…which I did! If I want something dedicated to gaming…I’ll buy a game console. True, they can go together, but again: you risk treading into weak PC’land at that point when you focus too heavily on graphics.

My best experience on a gaming console these days has come from GTAV and Red Dead Redemption on the 360 and as great as those are, they are still last generation games. No matter how much you pretty it up. Honestly, I use my PS4 as a Netflix machine these days and that’s a bad thing, you don’t want that kind of experience on a gaming console and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had such an experience. Or maybe I am. Dunno. Either way: stop trying to be everything to everyone. Focus on games. And for fucksake, light a fire under someone’s ass to get content out because the current stream of nothing is fucking disappointing.

Oh yeah: consoles are dying because of this shit. Maybe the prediction that this’ll be the last generation will prove to be prescient.

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