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Morally Moral

May 28, 2015

DISCLAIMER: This post might contain stuff you disagree with. In such event like a water landing, please return to your seat and move on. Keep them upright and this disclaimer makes no sense. Just don’t go looking to get offended if you disagree with this post as you have been warned. 

I’ve seen this topic come up lately in religious circles that, “Josh Duggar should be forgiven because if evolution is true then morality is not real,” or, “Morality is divinely inspired so if I were an Atheist I could rape, murder, and steal and it wouldn’t be wrong,” and I have a few issues with that: evolution and Atheism do not work that way!

As some of you regular readers know I am an Atheist (oooooohhh) and I know evolution is a fact of life. So I’m a big scary ball of something to theists, but I’m loathe to discuss my Atheism with anyone unless pushed, because, honestly, it’s just not that big of a part of my life until someone threatens my freedom by using biblical reasoning to justify some law or wants all Atheism outlawed. Then we have a problem and I will fight. With that in mind, I consider myself a fairly moral person. I don’t rape, cheat, steal, murder, or anything else because those things are awful it’s just not who I am. Where do my morals come from? Me, obviously. They’ve always come from me and only me. But then there’s things codified into our legal system to keep us from doing those things as well.

I just don’t do them and while I can’t say I don’t sometimes fantasize about doing them once in awhile….like when someone cuts me off in traffic or is a general tit, I wouldn’t act on them. And my imagination is such that just mentioning things to me conjures up mental images. So, it’s safe to say that I’d fantasize about any number of things on any given day and when I say fantasize I don’t mean I’m acting like Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet when I picture them. More, “That was strange,” but this is besides the point. Morality always comes from us humans. To say otherwise just sounds so ridiculous to me that it’s not even worth considering seriously.

And those people that think that morality is so divinely inspired that without their faith that they would do these awful things if they did not have it…those are some disturbed people, man. It speaks to a fragility mentally that they absolutely need a god or gods to control them otherwise they let loose the hounds of hell. I’m not going to claim I’m some bastion of philosophy, but I do know everyone needs their own code and what rules they do and do not break. I’ve went 45 in a residential zone before because it was vacant enough I knew there would be no one down that road. Legally I’m breaking the law, but morally? Nah. No god came down and smote me for it.

So, what have we learned? Beats me. You can be good without a religion and do not necessarily need it in your life to be a good person and those people that need religion to be the source of their morality are probably the next serial killer down the block. I feel like I had more to say…hmm…

Oh yes, and those Duck Dynasty fucks are fucking stupid cunts and festering boils on the ass of humanity. That is all.

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