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Updatedly Updated Update

May 28, 2015

I haven’t updated you all on my weight loss in awhile because…well…it’s going sllllooooowww….that first 15lbs was a fucking breeze to knock out, but now it’s all slowed down. I’m currently 345.4 and I’d probably be less, but Monday was a bad day eating wise because it was a holiday and as we weren’t in an intimate setting like a restaurant booth or anything, it made keeping track of my calories nigh impossible.  So I said, “Fuck it,” and had a cheat day. The next day I was rather pleased with myself, though, as I weighed 347.0 which I was surprised by, sooo…yaay! I didn’t pig out as much as I thought.

Which brings me back down to where I have been sorta stuck since Saturday at 345.4/345.6 and it’s frustrating, but not discouraging. I’m pleased that even though I’m not losing it very fast that I am still managing to lose/maintain my weight given that it’s been 38 days since I started this. I don’t expect rapid weight loss, nor do I want it because I view people that get it too quickly as people more likely to go back to their original heaviest weight or more. Dunno how true that is, but it’s what’s keeping me in this fight and it is a fight because I find myself sometimes looking at bad food online as if it’s porn. That’s…terrible. But on those nights I do feel hungry and worn out and going, “What’s the worst food I could have?” Usually I can find it.

I do find it pretty sad that 299lbs would be an accomplishment for me, but hey! 299 would feel great. The trick now is just getting there–and I will. And it will be gloooorious! MUAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay. Not really. But I will feel like being more active once more of this weight goes away. And I have been bitten by the active bug to an extent. I do walk around quite a bit and I put away my laundry after washing it instead of leaving it in my basket for a while after that.

Yeah, that’s one thing I’ve noticed: I put laundry away and that sounds rather trivial and stupid, but to me it’s a sign of change because at my heaviest I didn’t feel like doing it and they would just stay in a wrinkly pile in there. So here’s to success and continued success and being healthier. I was pretty pleased when my blood pressure read 127/79 recently. Huzzah! Till later.

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