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June 18, 2015

One of the more enjoyable aspects to weight loss, for me, is choosing my own clothes. People tend to take for granted what they wear every day and think little of it. For me, since losing even the 18-20lbs I already have lost I find my clothing options are growing. Not hugely, mind you, because I’m still rather large, but enough that I notice the differences. I no longer have to settle for stretchy clothing as I can now wear jean shorts again–comfortably. My t-shirts and over-shirts aren’t even feeling too tight these days. So yeah…I enjoy having some of my freedom again. Along with the fact that my days aren’t just me slacking off. I’ve been walking and stretching my walks as well and I’m not getting too winded.

All of this will get better in time and I’m looking forward to it as for once I don’t feel shackled by my anxiety. I’m also getting a better frame of mind on that as well. I saw an inspirational quote yesterday that really put it into perspective, “Life begins where your comfort zone ends,” and that’s me. I want to live. I want to accomplish this weight loss and become a better person as a result. I’m just tired of it and I’m tired of dealing with it. Soo…yeah, this is where I make my stand. This is where I decide how I’m going to be and showing my worth.

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