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Screw You WB

June 18, 2015

Okay, maybe this is an arrrghasm type rant, but oh well. Okay, I like the Arkham franchise, nay, I’d say I love it. And although it took me a bit to really like Origins, I even loved that game. My problem is trying charge a customer $40 extra for a stupid season pass. If you were Bethesda I could easily get behind such a deal. The difference being: Bethesda has shown quality support in expanding their games and giving players extra content. Rocksteady? Not so much. I love what Rocksteady has done, they have shown you can do a Batman game or hell, a Batman movie, seriously but also include all of the goofy ideas that it entails and make it great. But they’re really shitty with expansions. Play as Nightwing? Oh, only in challenges? Robin? Yeah…gonna need a slight expansion there and only slightly for less than 3 hours.

No, I’m not conflating the time it takes to finish a game to my enjoyment of it. I’ve played games that were only a few minutes long but enjoyed them. My issue is that if you’re going to expand a game then expand the game. Don’t do these little side storylines that feel awfully detached from the rest of the story. I like the Arkham games and I’ll be right there playing Arkham Knight as soon as I can, but asking me for forty extra dollars for expanded content that’s unseen is just fucking bonkers. And WB should be ashamed of themselves for trying to con their customers into buying it and holding other content–the content that should be in the game proper, hostage.

Again: no problem spending the forty extra dollars on a company that’s shown to support their games well after they’ve sold. Or even preordering for the bonuses from them. And I somehow doubt playing part of the story as Harley Quinn is that compelling, especially with Tara Strong doing her voice. Can we please have Arleen Sorkin back? She was much better at doing Harley’s voice. Tara just…gah…imagine Brittany from Daria with a homicidal personality and you get Tara Strong’s version of Harley Quinn. Sorry for the tangent. That just really bugs the fuck out of me.

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