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Safely Off Into That Ignorant Light

June 20, 2015

I rarely comment on current events because I don’t think I’d have a voice to lend to them that hasn’t been said already. But that shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina kinda…got to me. I’m angry that it happened but I’m even angrier at the response from certain politicians that wish to be elected president (*cough*Republicans*cough*). See, to me, their reaction is really…asinine. Why’d he do it?! I dunno! The guy only said he wanted to kill black people and he wore patches of old apartheid nations. But it’s a total mystery as to why he did it.

Do they realize how stupid they sound? Santorum said that it was an assault on religion. Rand Paul said that it was because people did not know where salvation comes from. Jeb Bush and Nilkki Haley can best be summed up with:


Foxnews had the best response: it’s because we’re too tolerant. Because, yes, it was totally because we tolerate other people’s beliefs and sexual orientation and the like, yeah, that right there is the issue. We don’t hate enough. Rick Perry said it was because he was on drugs.  And so on and so on. Really, the only shock here is that they’re not blaming video games or the debil’s music. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think so. If anyone has any info to the contrary, leave it in the comments. Mostly what I’m tired of here is the response is never that it was the ease of accessibility to guns or the fact that this kid was a racist asshole, no, it has to be everything else but that. Why? Because it makes them deeply uncomfortable because admitting that racism is still alive and well in this country means admitting that there’s still a long way to go toward fixing things. Which means, dare I say it, they have to acknowledge reality.

So they fumble around for reasons why the perpetrator and the guns aren’t to blame and I almost get the feeling that the NRA and GOP feel like they struck gold with the mental health excuse. Now, that is deeply insulting to everyone with a mental health issues that doesn’t shoot up a school or a church or…wherever–including me. I’ve been depressed and I have anxiety, long time readers here know that. But I haven’t shot up any place. Even schizophrenics aren’t as violent as the media would like them to be. And another thing, it stigmatizes everyone that’s going through something that’s tough to deal with.

I spent years feeling ashamed that I even have to see a therapist because of the stigma and what you do every time you blame mental illness on a shooting is make it harder for everyone to come forward because they’re afraid of being locked up because of their illness. Like they should be locked in a fucking cage. Yes, some people need that kind of treatment, some do need to be institutionalized. And yes, mental illness does play a role in any shooting. It would have to, because you shot up a fucking place! But it’s not the overriding factor. Not all who shoot up a place of business or a school are crazy or mentally disturbed. In fact, I’d say a lot of them just aren’t cognizant of their actions.

But to have these people that want to represent us all–including me, go, “Nope…no fucking clue why he’d want to shoot up a black church after saying he wanted to start a race war.” Shows you a) don’t follow current events and b) are fucking stupid. And no, you don’t get to ‘clarify’ your statements as Santorum has tried to do. You own your stupidity and you do not pass go, you do not get to be president. In fact, if it were up to me you would be ejected from even going to a primary with that colossal piece of stupidity hanging over your head.

Also, why did he choose a church? I can think of why Dylann Roof chose a church. Because it was a soft target, okay? Not because he hates Christians or anything, just that it was an easy target where he would likely have the best outcome of coming out of it alive. Got it? No, I don’t believe he wanted to die despite what has been said, because obviously he failed at it and is still alive. That’s not a total mystery. So, he clearly knew what he was doing when he did it. And yeah, he’s innocent until proven guilty, but the dude might as well have hung a sign on his chest admitting he did it.

In conclusion, yeah, I fucking hate the Republican contenders with a passion right now. Granted, I wasn’t too fond of any of those jackholes to begin with, but this just cemented, for me, why I dislike them so much. They can’t face reality and they don’t even have a clue about what’s going on in this country. I’m going to include links to each of these asshole’s statements about the shooting. They really need to be seen to be believed. I almost feel like I took ecstasy whenever I see them, but nope. Just fucking clueless politicians.

Lindsay Graham’s response

Bobby Jindal’s response

Rick Santorum’s response

Rand Paul’s response

Fox News’ response

Dylan Roof

NRA board member’s response

Nikki Haley’s response

Jeb Bush’s response

Rick Perry’s response

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