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Confederately Confederate

June 29, 2015

I’ll write more later about why I haven’t been updating but this confederate flag issue irks me. I’ve been seeing it in my newsfeed about how it’s a part of southern heritage and that it’s not racist because it’s a flag. Okay, first: the confederate flag isn’t the confederate flag, it’s their battle flag because apparently there was a lot of confusion during a few battles because the CSA’s actual flag looked too much like the Union’s.  But that must mean it’s supery-dupery a sign of rebellion because it’s the military’s!, because the only reason why it became a popular symbol in the south was due to the KKK’s influence. But….its meaning has changed! No, no it hasn’t. It’s not a sign of rebellion and it is a symbol of oppression.

If you adopt this symbol because of some mythical fight against a big gubmit that is oppressive then allow me to laugh at you. Ha…ha…ha! Sorry, but the CSA was very big on government too. But it’s no longer a sign of the confederacy! Okay, then why wear it? Because it’s southern heritage! …Which again supports the CSA’s reasoning. State’s rights! Nope. As I said: they didn’t give a damn about state’s rights any more than the Union supposedly did. So it’s not about southern heritage, it’s not a sign of rebellion unless you mean open rebellion. In which case you’re being treasonous.

For me, the issue isn’t whether the flag represents racism or not because I’m a pasty fuck and I place no value on symbols. I have just as much love for the confederate flag as I do for our own flag: none at all because I believe worshipping symbols instead of what your country is all about is daffy as fuck. However, the confederate flag flying over a statehouse is as irresponsible as it is stupid. It’s a flag of traitors and flying it despite clutching those pearls about how much you loooove your country is disrespectful and fucking stupid. No good has ever come from that symbol And no, I don’t believe everyone that flies that flag is a racist or still calls black people negroes, however, you have adopted a stupid symbol if on one side of your mouth you claim you love your country but on the other you say you hate big government and adopt the flag of treason.

Again: you can’t have it both ways and find a better symbol to show your rebellious desires against this country’s policies, but also don’t claim you love it, either. I realize the system sucks and a lot of it is dysfunctional, but you work within those confines and push for change if you hate it. You might or might not lose depending on what policy you’re trying to change, but anyone that claims they love this country would do that and they wouldn’t adopt a symbol of open rebellion against it.

Let’s put it this way: saying the confederate flag is about southern heritage would be akin to someone adopting the Nazi flag and saying it’s about German heritage. If you’re repulsed by the Nazi flag, then you should be equally repulsed by the Confederate flag. True, the CSA never killed 6 million Jews, but they did fight to keep people as property.

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