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Goodbye Stretchy Short Hell

June 30, 2015

For those that don’t know me I’ve been wearing stretchy shorts for the last few years and have gotten quite comfortable with doing so. However, I was doing laundry tonight and…yeah, wow, I never knew I could accrue so much laundry.  But apparently I have…somehow. Guess my time in stretchy short hell is close to ending. I mean, I still wear them for walks and exercising and just general lounging around my apartment, but overall I’ve started wearing normal clothes again and…that’s a great feeling for me. I finally got on my cargo shorts today without feeling like I was trying to fit into a vice. Oh, they’re still fairly snug, but nowhere near where they once were.

Soo…yeah, yay me…and pity me…so much laundry….*shellshock* I knew I had a lot of clothes I couldn’t wear before now, but that seems shrinking with my waistline. But again…so. Much. Laundry. I’m going to need a bigger laundry basket if this continues.

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