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Weighty Losty

July 17, 2015

I’m officially halfway to my goal of getting out of my 330’s. I’m 335.6 and I feel better every day. So my short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals are thus: For the short I want to be out of my 330’s and I’m closer to achieving that, medium-term I want to be out of my 300’s which I’m well on my way toward doing, and long-term I want to be 180-ish. I keep my eyes focused on the shorter term stuff because it keeps me from being discouraged and the other goals are in the back of my mind. I hope to be out of my 300’s before October, but if I’m not then no biggie. Slow and steady is fine for me. That also keeps me from being discouraged if it’s not coming off as fast as I’d like.

Slower is also a better way to keep weight off as you’re building up the habits necessary to keep it off. I haven’t seen anything higher than 340 in weeks and that’s great. It shows I’m doing my part to keep the weight off and now my body’s doing its part. I went swimming last night and actually had to contemplate buying a smaller sized pair of swim trunks when they seemed really loose when I was standing up. That’s a great feeling. Of course wearing the two 4XL over-shirts that I do have now feels like I’m swimming in them, but I still like those shirts so I’m keeping them in the lineup of clothes I’m quickly discovering I have a lot of.

Another thing that’s good with the weight loss is that I’m managing to maintain my anxiety levels without jumping over the edge into full blown panic, so that’s great, too. I’m also using my ‘dog with a bone’ mentality to keep on track. As my mother pointed out: once I’ve made my mind up about doing something, I’ll do it. That used to bug the shit out of her and Glornax-7. So I’m intending to use it to be benefit instead of to my detriment and I’m succeeding. It’s also nice to start feeling like I have a neck again instead of my face looking like ham bundled in plastic wrap.

Anywhoo….until later.

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