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Hideous Mutant Freek

July 22, 2015


I’m going to start trying to mention kind of obscure-ish movies that maybe not many people know or remember fondly. My first movie is Freaked. Which is a 1993 comedy starring Alex Winter as egotistical movie star, Ricky Coogan, who becomes the spokesperson for the comically evil, Everything But Shoes corporation. They hired him to promote their pesticide in the South American country of Santa Flan. While there he runs into Randy Quaid who plays the aptly named, Elijah C. Skuggs, who runs a freak show, but the twist is that he creates his own freaks and thus turns Ricky into a hideous mutant freak.

I won’t giveaway the entire plot, but that’s the basic rundown of it. I’ve watched it pretty much since I was a pre-teen and I’ve loved it ever since. It just stays funny to me. There’s a sort of parody aspect to it that I really like and the sight gags and play on words just makes me laugh every time. I’m also surprised at how many people they managed to get to play parts in this besides Alex Winter and Randy Quaid, you’ve got Megan Ward, Bobcat Goldthwait, Mr. T as the bearded lady, William Sadler, Brooke Shields, and even Keanu Reeves is in it. His character is Ortiz The Dog Boy and I still insist that it’s his best performance ever. Mostly because of how animated and in character he is the entire time.

He’s got this reputation as an actor without a lot of range, but if you see him here you’ll know that that reputation isn’t too deserved. But it’s a fun movie that I can guarantee won’t disappoint in the comedy department. So if you like really silly movies I recommend checking this one out.

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