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The Plateau

July 22, 2015

If you’ve been trying to lose weight or have lost weight you’re very familiar with this stupid term. I call it stupid because every time someone says it it’s with this ominous tone to it, ‘Yeah, you’re losing weight, but you’re going to hit the plateau eventually. Oooohhh…..ooogabooga!’ For those unfamiliar with the term (not sure there’s a lot of you) but in the general sense it’s when you’re losing weight and your body essentially says, ‘Fuck this,’ and puts the brakes on. So…more of a stubborn dog on a leash. That is the basic premise, anyway. 

In a physiological sense it’s when your metabolism slows down as you weight and your body burns fewer calories than it did at your heavier weight and your calories burned equal the calories you eat. Then you reach a pleateau where you lose no weight but you’re not really gaining too much weight. Aaand this is where most weight loss journeys end. I can see why, because it is frustrating. The thing I was never told (and stupidly thought) was that a pleateau only occurs once you’ve lost a lot of weight, but nope. It happened several times to me. 

Granted that could be because I don’t go regularly to a gym and I tend to walk and haven’t been able to walk too much this summer because of the heat and humidity (thanks, summer!). But now I’ve taken up swimming pretty much as much as I can because you do burn a shit-ton of calories from it. Yeah, broke my 335 plateau and now am settling down into my low 330’s. It feels great and I’m actually sticking to the weight loss like crazy glue. 

I want to do this and I hope it works out for me. I’m not giving up, though. I lost 25lbs thus far and it’s only going to be racking up even further. And I’m happier. Even at this weight I feel more confident than I have in years. I’m getting mah swagger back. Okay, not that bad. But yeah…losing weight is giving me the confidence I need to keep going and to reach further than I have before. There were so many nights when I was in my bedroom and playing video games and hating this rut I was in. Always vowing to myself, ‘I’m going to lose weight..eventually,’ but did nothing to help that cause. I’d lose sight of it, I’d forget about it. 

The fact that things with…Ms.G went so horribly didn’t help with my disposition. I always felt like a piece of shit and I really resented myself for acting so horribly toward her as a result and then treating myself horribly in turn. It was ugly and I’ve vowed to myself I’m never going to be that person again. Not to myself, not to her, not to anyone. And this weight loss and success has given me the strength to be the person I want to be. 

So, if you’re trying to lose weight and you keep telling yourself, ‘I’ll do it later,’ just know that later might not ever come. It’s a fight, but one you can win and succeed at doing. If you reach a plateau, just push through it. You may be stuck at the same weight for a couple of weeks, but it will end if you just hang in there and keep going. Eventually all things end. So don’t get discouraged. It’s a tempting emotion and one that isn’t borne in reality.

Sorry for the preach. 

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