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Arrrghasm: Fragmentation

July 28, 2015

I like Netflix and HBO:Go, and Hulu, and Spotify, PS+ and…whatever fucking other service some company tries to sell me. But I hate this fragmentation. I’d gladly pay $45 for three months worth of a unified service if it meant I’d never have to be bothered with the myriad of fees I get every month from having so many services tied to my bank account. Don’t get me wrong: I value all of these services and barring Hulu (more on that later), I never feel like I’m not getting what I paid for.

But once a month rolls around and I’m swimming in service fees ranging from $7.00 to $10.50 and it’s starting to feel like my bank account is dying from a thousand little cuts or nibbles. It’s getting absurd. The new one is Apple Music or whatever the fuck they’re calling it. Only they want to yank my crank a little more than the others: a fourteen dollar subscription service. Or the $9.99 option. Oooh…I get it. These fees aren’t account killers, they’re fairly small for the services and benefits you get from them. Don’t get me wrong, but when you’re on an already limited income due to rent, food, electricity, etc. they can get pretty hefty.

I also get that they’re really optional so me complaining about this is kind of silly. But I hate the fragmentation in this sense: You have to keep up with so many accounts and if you miss one and one charge comes out and you cut it too close, you’re fucked. Give me a unified account service for streaming music and playing video games and movies and I’d be so happy. I could keep track of it all in one place and never have to deal with remembering a stupid password.  And if you wanna know my feelings on passwords, just check this out to read all about that bullshitty shit.

So not only are you paying for a service you might or might not remember to pay for, you’re also having to remember a password you made in a haze of sleeplessness and boredom that may or may not lock your account if you get it wrong too often. I also realize all of this is easy to solve by getting a reminder, making a new password, remembering that password 5 months down the road when you need to cancel a subscription’s automatic withdrawal, get a reminder sent, change the password to something you won’t remember, resubscribe a few months later when you have monies, etc.

So yes, first company to give me one unified system for subscribing and renewing this shit will be amazing. Provided they don’t already exist and I’m not wasting web space by typing all of this.


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