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July 29, 2015

I was reading a political article today and it talked about Scott Walker still wearing jorts. Or jean shorts. And oh god! How creepy! Then that led me to see the horruh upon horruhs: people really hate them these days. Oh, but they made special note not to include black men in their hatred of jean shorts. I guess because pasty white dudes don’t look like they could kick someone’s ass or something? Now, I’m not going to defend a silly piece of fashion here, but yeah…weird how people glom onto the hatred of something just because they personally don’t like wearing it. I’m a fat dude and currently my khaki cargo shorts feel like a python is slowly constricting around my waist.

But even were that not the case I’d still wear them proudly. They’re durable, they don’t stain easily and stains that could make a dent really don’t show up too well, and they’re comfy. Why wouldn’t I like them? But what shocked me more than the dislike some people had for them is the vitriol they spewed forth about people that wore them: Hick, white trash, and douchebag were some of the epithets thrown out about people that wore them and here I am saying to myself, “Really? Just because of a preference?” I also find the hive mind really silly in this way that if someone is doing something they don’t approve of then obviously they’re a beer guzzling hick that loves them some Southern Pride and shouts about the south rising again while they wave a confederate flag. Because sure, that’s realistic of everyone that enjoys a clothing preference.

I’ll make a deal with these haughty types: you pay for the clothing bill and I’ll buy into your stupid fashion trend that’ll last less than a decade before it’s considered obsolete. I don’t aim to be cool and I don’t aim to fit in, I just want to be comfortable and if you do judge me by the clothes that I wear then the fault is on you sir or madam, because I don’t have a problem with what I’m wearing. You do. I do think this culture is kind of insane how we can’t let people be themselves and enjoy what they like without tearing them down for their differences, but that is an entry for another time.

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