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I Wos Runnaning

August 1, 2015

Yeah, sorry for my poor man’s Forrest Gump in the title…but it’s kind of strange how things work out sometimes. I had just gotten out of therapy on Thursday when this thunderstorm just started pouring the fuck down on me and my car. I was kind of afraid to get out and approach the security door to my apartment which left me to call my dad for help. He came down and held the door open for me because fuck you, I’m not getting zapped by lightning. So there I was…moment of truth: was fatty going to run? Oh hell yes he is. I did my best mad dash for the security door while wearing sandals…in a downpour.

What really surprised me about it wasn’t that I ran, but that I was able to run without feeling winded or feeling too much pain. Which leads me to where I am now: contemplating running. Or at least starting to run a bit. Maybe small sprints for now to see how I do. But it felt good and it felt even better knowing that I really didn’t experience any adverse effects from it. Soo…yeah…looks like that’s gonna be my next mountain to climb, so to speak. I’m really loving this weight loss and if I’d known it could’ve been like this years ago that I’d have done it then. I just don’t think I was ready to confront it then. Now I am and I’m fucking enjoying every aspect of it.

I feel healthier, I feel less anxious, I swim almost every day now and kick ass there, and I’m feeling a real sense of confidence in myself that I’d never had before.

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