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I Don’t Do Sports Themes

August 4, 2015

I dye my hair funky colors. Not for anyone else but myself. I enjoy it, it’s a harmless form of self-expression and it’s less expensive than a tattoo. So, if I’m wearing green or turquoise, please don’t chime in with your, “Why don’t do you do purple?” There’s only one person I tolerate that from and that’s my dad. See, they think they’re being cute when they tell me to do purple during Ravens season or orange during the Orioles’ season. While I have no problem doing those colors (I’ve done them before) I specifically will never do them during their season specifically because I don’t want it to be seen that I do this because of some sports team that doesn’t know I even exist. And surely could afford to have people dye their hair a certain way for the team.

No, I want it to be a pure form of self-expression and to have no connotation that I’m doing it because I support a billion dollar team. The other end of that aisle are people that read into it that way. Last September I had green hair and woe be upon you if you have green hair. And since it was a forest-y green I got questions like, “Do you support the Jets?!” No, I just wanted to do that color. Also did it to honor someone. Please, if you read into anything about my choice of hair colors, don’t let it be supporting a team. That’s the worst possible way to do it. And I only tolerate these questions from family.

I did the turquoise because I was curious about how it would turn out, also that my first color ever was turquoise. It was done over labor day weekend. My friend told me that the bleach would itch and how! It also slightly burned. Then we put in the turquoise and it rocked. It came out nicely until it came out nicely. I ended up with a moldy green color that was more grass than turquoise. I don’t think we did as good of a job as we could have and I was too new to it that I didn’t know.

So, by the time class pictures rolled around I ended up with this mossy mess of a hair and I was swearing because it was hot and that was just not a good photo day. But any way…yeah, don’t do sports themes. Never will. Stop saying it if you see me on the street.

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