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Flipping Stats

August 6, 2015


Soo…I don’t really pay attention to my stats on this page because I feel if I start worrying about how many views my page gets that I’m going to turn into one of those obsessive types that just posts shit for the views. That’s really not the point of this web log. I’m happy that I have 361 people following this. No, really, you all rock. When I started doing this regularly I really didn’t expect much beyond voicing my thoughts and getting random bullshit out of my head. Little did I know that it’s resonating with you all and that’s an amazing achievement for me with just 361 of you. However, I’m going to continue writing for me and not my audience because I really hate pandering. Even this entry feels like pandering.

Anyway! The point of this entry is more to showcase that my stats are flipping me off which is immensely funny to me. So thank you viewers. Thank you to my laziness that slows down viewers. You’ve made my day.

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