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Late Night Laundry

August 6, 2015

I do my laundry this late…pretty much every time I need to do it. I used to just do this because…reasons. Oh, too fucking lazy. Yeah, that’s why. Since the weight loss thing and since I practically sit in stasis my entire night I came to the conclusion that washing and hanging clothes is just more calories burned throughout the day. And since I didn’t go swimming, I kinda needed that.

I also signed up for my math class for which I hope will be the last time I have to even deal with this bullshit. It’s gotten to the point where my frustration’s fueling me in this endeavor and the anxiety is very minimal. I have a plan, I have a strategy, and I hope to accomplish it. I’m taking it in the fall because I’ve found that in the ‘spring’ semester which really begins in January, that the boilers must be working overtime and I can’t concentrate in absurd heat. It’s just a quirk of my anxiety. I feel too warm and I start getting anxious. I feel like Manny from Black Books only I don’t beat people up or kill them. They never did explain if he went full on murderer.

So, hopefully I can do this. I’m mentally preparing myself, I’m in a much better spot physically than I was before, and my anxiety is mostly fucking off. I’ll be documenting my progress the entire time. That way if I fail horribly at least we’ll all have a good show. But failure is not an option this time. Like Apollo Creed said, “There is no tomorrow!” Damn right.

Ze speaks the truth, too:

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