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Peak Boredom

August 21, 2015

I reached peak boredom tonight; it’s a rare thing these days, but it tends to happen on fridays when I feel that I should be out doing something fun and yet I’m not. Doesn’t help that I’m tired and a little toasted from swimming today. So, I’m tired, burnt, and bored. Which means an early sleep tonight, but not because I want to. I just hate this feeling. Like I’m wasting my time and I never have anyone. Thankfully I have my friend to talk to and she left. Soo…now I’m really bored. I also really need to get past this driving alone bullshit and soon. It’s really limiting me from becoming who I want to be and really bumming me out.

I drove to Canada! 9 hours in a car and didn’t freak out once and I drove home with no issue either. Sooo…yeah, definitely need to start kicking ass with that. On the plus side my teeth are nice and clean now and as I said: swimming a lot, but this is the last week for weekday swimming which suuuuucks. Guess that means back to walking.

I have a post running through my head right now which I think I’m going to write-up after I post this.

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