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August 22, 2015

I’m going to speak seriously for a moment about religion. If this bothers you, turn away now. If not…then continue. 

Being an Atheist in America kind of sucks. You’re constantly bombarded with religious bullshit day after day, people think you’re a Satan worshiper, and that I’m as trustworthy as a rapist. And before we begin with the ‘why’ of this entry: This is not me looking for a pity party. 

Having said that, I get tired of seeing in my facebook feed these ‘news’ articles about how such and such DESTROYED ATHEISTS!! Like so: today it was Ben Carson using the ‘Walks like a duck’ mentality of saying how our consitution acknowledges a creator and we mention god in our pledge and ‘In god we trust’ is on our currency. So we MUST be a Christian nation. Disregarding the fact that ‘creator’ is a generic way of saying whomever you see as your creator, that’s your creator. If they had meant the Christian deity, I think they would’ve mentioned it and, ‘In god we trust,’ came much later (1800’s, I believe), and ‘God’ was only inserted into our pledge in the 50’s. 

Disregarding all of these stupid arguments, I’m just tired of Christian fundamentalists thinking, ‘Oh ho! We showed you! Neener neener neener!’ Like we’re playing some team sport and you just scored a point. If that’s your best argument, you’ve scored no points at all if we’re playing this like a team sport. But I’m going to let you all in on a little secret: my Atheism and I’m pretty sure most Atheist’s Atheism…is really a small chunk of their life. Boom! There it is!

You see, I don’t wear being an Atheist on my sleeve and barring this and like two other entries, you would never know I was one. Why? Because it’s just not that important to me. It only becomes important to me and any other Atheist when you try to use it as a cudgel to take away our rights or attack us. Fortunately I live in a country where I don’t need to fear being hacked to pieces for not ascribing to your belief system. 

But seeing these types of articles being written is really annoying for the simple fact that it does nothing whatsoever. It doesn’t destory me. It doesn’t convince me of the ‘error’ of my ways. And they’re almost always bad arguments anyway. It’s not like I sit at home and wonder how will I bash the religious today? Or that I actively work to make the world more Atheist and to send Christians to camps. You know what Christian fundementalists remind me of? Mel Gibson on South Park and how, ‘Ooohh! You’re going to torture me, right?! You’re going to spank me and tell me how awful I am?!’ Seriously. They strike me as people that want to be tortured and persecuted for their beliefs. I’m sorry, but it’s just not gonna happen.

I don’t really care what you believe so long as you’re a decent person and treat your fellow man and woman with compassion and kindness. I have a lot of Christian friends and it’s just background noise to them. We have worse disagreements over technology, movies, and games than we ever have about their faith. So, if you are a Christian, don’t be afraid to talk to an Atheist. I know there are some that are awful people and I don’t like them just as much as I don’t like Christian fundamentalists or Islamists or ultra Orthodox Jews. 

This is not to say I necessarily am okay with the religious guiding public policy—I’m not. I don’t think any public policy that affects so many people of so many varied belief systems should be given over to a singular faith. I will stand up to that and I will fight that. Oh and fuck Ben Carson. He may be a great neonatal neurosurgeon, but he’s an awful human being. Why couldn’t you be more like David Carson? Oh and for those that don’t know: David Carson is a graphic designer and does some really amazing work. You can find him here

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