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Decaf Coffee

August 24, 2015

I’ve been given my fair share of shit over the fact that I switched to decaf, but I feel much less anxious with it and like that guy or girl in high school that wore purity rings…decaf coffee is not entirely pure. Of course the main naughty bits are cut out and sure, it’s not exactly putting out anymore, but it’s giving me just enough to satisfy my craving for coffee. Which brings me back to my initial point: it’s not exactly purely decaffeinated. I just can’t do the coffee thing anymore like I used to. I tried. 

My anxiety levels just got much worse and I was strung out all of the time. Soo…my nightly routine consists of getting a cup of decaf and just settling in. And I’m much happier for it, too. 

On the weight loss front, I am now 325. Huzzah! To quote Michael Jackson, ‘They said I wouldn’t last.’ Okay. Not quite the quote, but heeey I’m in too good of a mood today and tonight to care. 


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