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Expandedly Expanded

September 3, 2015

Word came down that the new Star Wars expanded universe is being released aaand…true to form: I don’t like it. No, I’m sure the story is fun and all, but it won’t be the EU. It’ll be this Disney fed bullshit with the Star Wars name slapped on. When I first heard about Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm I sort of knew it was the end for me and my love of the expanded universe. To be fair, I’d already broken far away from it years ago with that Legacy of The Force series that shat all over everything that had already been established. Ditto to the Dark Nest Trilogy before it with Troy Denning’s continued masterwork of being unable to write an action scene to save his life, although he did a very good job with the political intrigue in Star By Star so there is that–on the whole, I never was fond of his writing style.

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked. Why did they have to completely dismantle the expanded universe? It’s already derisively considered one step up above fanfiction to most, erasing the established storylines and plots just makes it seem even more so. I know you wanted to ‘have freedom to tell your own stories’, Disney. But you went about it in the shittiest way imaginable. Granted, I haven’t been reading it since I was 12, I started in my sophomore year of high school, but I slogged through the shit. The Courtship of Princess Leia, the numerous ball droppings during the New Jedi Order. I even gave Legacy a bit of a chance. But no, the straw that broke me was the retconning of Vergere and Jacen Solo going to the dark side. That shit was bullshit.

They honestly did not have to completely destroy the stories that had been built up in the EU to do their own thing, but no, you deleted it and went for breaking the fanbase instead. I’m sure there are some Star Wars fans that will accept the new stuff on the premise, “It might be good!” However, I’m sure there’s more than enough who feel highly annoyed by this and will stay away. If the intent was to attract new fans then I really hope this blows up in their faces, because you destroyed the history of everyone who ever spent their money buying these books only to say, “Ah! But that’s not the real story. This is the real story.” Again: I know this probably means nothing to the average casual fan and I’m sure people will look at the worst of the Bantam and Del Rey eras and think, “It couldn’t get much worse,” but to me, this is really ridiculous and unnecessary for the simple fact that you’re fucking with your fans. So…18 years worth of book buying down the drain.

You fucking idiots. To paraphrase the immortal George Carlin: Fuck Mickey Mouse in the ass with a big rubber dick. And fuck you, Disney, for breaking your fanbase even further.

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