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Fally Fall Fall

September 4, 2015

I love fall, or Autumn to you savages, but there’s nothing better to me than a crisp fall day where the air lazily runs over everything and with a hint of warmth. It truly is my favorite season and has been since childhood. Every fall I always look forward to the chill, to the leaves, to the air of change. See, in Maryland summer is just summer and the temperatures rarely fluctuate between hot and body melting hot. Sometimes when I go out in the summer I feel like my skin’s just going to liquefy from the heat, but in the fall…’s just pleasant. Not yet. It’s still very hot here and I suspect that this is summer’s last gasp before going away for the year.

The pumpkins, the apples, the leaves changing color, etc. All great things to see and experience. And having learned what causes the leaves to change colors, I can respect what the trees are doing now. Then there’s Halloween and Thanksgiving to round out the end of the season. By then it’s usually cold or colder and wearing warmer clothes are a necessity, but I can still appreciate the days and the mornings where the sky is clear and the sun is shining, but the temperature never makes it out of the 50’s (between 10-15).

And as trendy as it is to drink a pumpkin spiced…whatever, even that’s kind of nice. This year I’m not going to waste it, though, I’m going to get out and do fall activities. I’m driving alone more now and I can actually go places and not freak out. I also thoroughly enjoyed going to class. The professor made me feel comfortable which is a bit plus since I was really nervous about going. So, hopefully the further I reach the more is within my grasp now and that I can actually do things related to the season that I haven’t been able to do in years because of this bullshit anxiety. It feels like a huge relief these days. Ditto that I now weigh 324. I gained about 3lbs back but I halted that and went back to controlling myself.

Anyway…hope my sappiness about a season wasn’t too boring. I just really like the moderate temperatures and the way the air feels and the feeling of change. And given that this summer has been a slog of heat, heat, and more heat, I’m really looking forward to it.

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