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And Now For My Next Trick

September 14, 2015

Today’s been rather good. Kinda boring with class except with someone that gave me a compliment. She actually made the effort to learn my name just to give it to me. Soo…yay? I have ascended! Women are making an effort to know me….for my hair! Aw man. Well, it’s a start. I didn’t do much today beyond class and a walk and the class was fine. I actually had a good day there. Now to continue having good days there. I read an article on Slate today about the ‘first-person industrial complex’ (link). While I agree that the internet does love the harrowing personal essay, I think most of us are looking for something positive to fill our gaps. I know for myself that after reading all of the political bullshit that I can stand that I tend to watch cooking shows on youtube. No clue. They’re just really positive and they make me happy.

Also helps with the desire to cook because I like cooking and want to do more of it, but lack the resources to do some of the recipes I see. And yet I still watch. My favorite cook is Barry Lewis. The man is incredibly cheesy in his humor and such, but he’s very positive and I respond to positivity–especially after a bad news day. I also like Vsauce to learn something new. Or just watching the idiocy on Channel Awesome. It’s how I escape and manage to retain my faith in humanity and as the last entry proved: I certainly need it to stop seeing the world as a shitty place with shitty people in it.

I will not, however, over-share things in my life. I do like keeping my, however, minuscule wall dividing me from my online life. I won’t ever share personal stuff of a sexual nature or the like. It’s just…obscene to me. But that salacious story from that woman that was attracted to her father…yeah…people eat that shit up. Guess I’ll never be e-famous *whine*. Or not. I don’t aim to be famous with this, I just want to manage the clutter in my life with this and to hopefully inspire some others to keep going because anxiety and depression will knock you on your ass very easily and you may never get back up.

So, I’m fine with that, but the other stuff…nah. I’d rather be famous for something positive. Not having my personal life laid bare for everyone to judge and go, “Oooh., horrid.” As I stated before: I did this to teach myself to be more vulnerable and to be more confident in my own vulnerability and I have. Now I just want to do this to enjoy it.

Anyway…’til later.

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