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September 14, 2015

Today’s entry is going to be a little more hand-wringing than any I’ve done before. So, if this offends you then please stop reading here.

I want to talk about SJW’s or Social Justice Warriors. Before we start allow me to say that I’m not against social justice. In fact, it’s a strong virtue of mine that I’m quite proud of. If I see an injustice perpetrated, I will be vocal about it. With that said, Social Justice Warriors care little about social justice and more about not offending their fragile sensibilities. They cling to any current issues like feminism and the oppression of black people aaaaand then they muck it up. Oh so bad in ways that are very insidious by attempting to control language. Like Columbia University students (4 of them so far) claiming that Greek mythology should come with trigger warnings (link). Why? Who asked for that? By now we all should know that the Greek pantheon was full of awful deities and full of rape, incest, cannibalism, murder, kidnapping, etc. Anyone who doesn’t know that by the time they reach adulthood is a fucking idiot and shouldn’t be allowed to exist.

Now, you may be saying, “FIDo, isn’t that a little harsh?” No, it’s a lot. And it shows the person can’t even take a modicum of time to learn their history. I’m not saying learn it all, but at least go over the basics for cripes sake. That’s what some of my middle school classes did. And the rest you just…sort of learn about. In no way does it need a trigger warning. In fact, reading about the attempt to put ‘trigger warnings’ on them should come with a trigger warning of its own. I’m practically apoplectic with the stupidity on display at that school. But just in case you think Columbia is fucking stupid, they have nothing on the University of Tennessee’s ‘recommendation’ to get rid of gender pronouns to avoid offending people (link)

I’ve railed in the past over the idiocy of cisgendered because, quite frankly, it’s the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever encountered. So, because you have the attributes expected of you to be a male or female you’re a cis-male or cis-female. Get the fuck out of here with that shit. True, gender is rather fluid and not everyone conforms to the stereotypes. Like myself, I can enjoy opera, musicals, orchestra and the like, but I also like watching football and baseball and also love violent entertainment and at least 80% of my friends are female. I’m not gay or anything as the common stereotype of men with lots of female friends and high minded theater interests used to go, I just have a lot of varied interests that seem very effete to some other men.

That does not mean that I will ever put a label on myself as stupid as cis-male or gender non-conforming. That’s stupid. That strikes me as a way to feel special without actually doing anything special. It’s much like straight edge kids. Remember those? “I don’t drink, smoke, or take any hard drugs. Aren’t I great?!” No, you’re average. Now wash those stupid X’s off of your hands. Look, you can try to make a world where you avoid offending people. Hell, I offend every feminist I know by criticizing feminists and saying I’m not one despite supporting gender equality. And that’s fine.  You should never have to apologize for not joining someone’s club.

However, when you try to change language to avoid offending anyone’s delicate sensibilities is when we have a problem. You’re right to demand change because we are our language. It does shape us. But you’re never going to get rid of offending material. You can try. You might very well succeed in creating a climate of fear where everyone’s afraid to speak their mind–otherwise known as the English, but it’s a stuffy and uptight society you’re going to have. One bereft of life and the ability to choose how you wish to live your life and control over what you think. That’s what’s at stake every time a Social Justice Warrior comes up with an insipid thought.

And I say Social Justice Warrior because there is a difference between wanting social justice and being a SJW. One reacts sensibly to social issues and the other dives headlong into shit and tries to control and manipulate people into being on their side of adopting their view–and they’re succeeding. That’s the really sad part. We’re going to end up like the world of Demolition Man. Where’s Simon Phoenix and John Spartan to tear this shit down?

The thing about SJW’s and their paladin-like stupidity is that they’re not making society better. They’re actually making it a lot weaker and everyone who grows up with this bullshit a lot more fragile (link). I’m fucking thankful I was born in 1982. I got to experience the 80’s and 90’s and never grew up with this bullshit in my household. My parents let me and my brother watch horror and other R-rated movies from a very young age. I remember seeing The Running Man in the movie theater and fucking loving it. So if there’s any advice I can give to any of you SJW types: grow the fuck up, get a thicker skin, and get some fucking perspective because you’re a sad, weak, and terrible person for trying to enforce your own sensibilities on the rest of us that just want to live our lives. And we don’t give a shit about whatever piece of offense you’re railing against on days ending with a Y.

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