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Sex, For Science!

September 17, 2015

I was reading an old Cracked article yesterday, second time I read that article, but anyway I was reading it and it said that we’ve built up having sex to these mythological proportions when it’s really not. Sooo…just now I had the thought: sex for science! Okay. It’s not that brilliant, scientists have been studying sex since at least Freud’s time. It did make me curious, though, about if that information was true or not and being the perpetually sexless person I am what a better way to prove or disprove it…or not. 

And on the upside of being rejected: it’ll at least make me more creative. That’s worth possible humiliation, right? I’d never do these things because as ballsy as I wish I was, I’m still me. I’m still a neurotic weirdo with turquoise hair and I excel at annoying people. So I wouldn’t do this, but ‘eh…it was a fun thought while it lasted. I killed me’s dreams quicker than most people get off. *le sigh*

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