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This Week Has….

September 23, 2015

Not sucked as much as it did in the beginning. On Monday I had a panic attack of sorts that came out of nowhere and not even the clonopin could take care of it. I was really throw for a loop and the aftershocks from that kind of reverberated and still are with the rest of this week. I had a test in my geometry class today, got my second iPhone fixed because motherfuckers at Bethesda don’t want to mod their Pip-boy to fit iPhone 6+’s into them. Anyway. Got that fixed and am in the process of applying for a jerb of sorts. Today’s been a goodly busy and bewildering day and glad that Monday’s little shit show didn’t last too long into the week. Though it’s still making me leery about doing some things.

Anyway…tomorrow will be better and the next day and the day after that and so on and so on. Things could be worse. I could be locked in a cell getting violated by a badger. Or listening to the entire works of Kirk Cameron on how evolution isn’t real. Tons of things worse than a panic attack and the ensuing anxiety afterward. I also touched up the turquoise so now it’s not like your father’s turquoise. Okay…whatever the fuck that means. Now I’m just rambling.

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