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Stigmata! Wait…Stigma

October 5, 2015

I’ve wrote about this before, but can we fucking stop blaming mental illness for every mass shooter out there? While I’m sure there is a case to be made that every shooter has a mental illness in some way because…why else would he shoot people? That’s not the case for all of them. Actually, most of them are just assholes because you’d need to be an asshole to do this–not have a mental illness. And speaking as someone who does study up on mental illness in my spare time, has been a psych major at one point, and currently suffers from generalized anxiety…I’m going to say I know mental illness at least 90% better than the general public and these people are not ill. Some are. Yes, some are completely out of their gourd, but the majority are just pricks.

Maybe their mommy and daddy never bought them that new car for graduation or some girl laughed at their small penis, or hell, maybe they just keep saying, “I hate people,” to the point that they actually want to kill someone. Either way, they’re not suffering from any mental illness. I bring this up because when you bring up mental illness as an excuse for a mass shooting, you’re doing two things 1) you’re giving them an excuse for the bad things that they do and 2) you’re deflecting from the real problem which is the ease with which you can purchase a gun and have it in 3 days or less. *) you add to the stigma of mentally ill people that are a majority non-violent.

So when you say, “We need better mental healthcare in this country,” after a shooting you’re deflecting and deflecting to an issue (it’s valid) that has nothing to do with the current asshole that just killed a lot of people. Yeah, mental healthcare in this country is deplorable. It’s a goddamn shame that people that need help cannot get the help they need and those that do get help are so shamed by it that mentioning, “Hey, I go to a therapist,” is still seen as a bad thing. How do I know? Because I fucking do it! Yeah. I still get worried when I talk to someone new about how open should I be about my anxiety or should I tell them I see a therapist? I get worried that they’ll think I’m nuts or something or, “Only weak people see therapists,” and I know not everyone is like that.

I’m pretty open about it here because I don’t care whether you like what I write or not or what I have to say. I love the fact that people like what I write here and that I can be honest with you all, but overall you just have no bearing on my life. But if I meet someone that I’m really attracted to? Yeah, I worry. Job interviews? It’s not really a question they’re legally allowed to ask, but I’m worried it might slip or they see me as someone who just might bring in a gun one day and shoot up a place.

And this is just someone with anxiety currently and depression in the past. Woe be upon you if you have a harder mental illness like schizophrenia or bi-polar 1 or 2. So yeah…you’re fucking deflecting when you blame mental health on someone’s rampage. The sad thing is that it’s a legitimate issue at that. You’re also giving assholes a blank check to be assholes by telling them that no, it’s not their fault they did it. Nooo…they’re just mentally ill, because of course!

I’m genuinely concerned that these politicians and assholes will one day reach a high office and conclude that for the safety of everyone else that people with mental issues will be placed in camps for their ‘protection’ and if you think that’s far-fetched, this country is still a very fucking idiotic country. We will do that if we think it’ll make us all safer. Anything to keep the illusion of safety while keeping every gun owner’s jack-off material. And no. Humans are not more enlightened than they have been in the past–we’ve just gotten better at hiding it. Or to use an analogy: we, as a species, have seen that our room is messy and instead of cleaning, we, the children we are, have instead shuffled it under our beds to create the illusion of cleanliness.

Heh…sorry, I’m usually more positive than this, but it is an issue that affects me and a lot of people, probably more than most realize. So, please, when the next mass shooting occurs, don’t be so quick to blame mental illness because it’s not. It’s just an asshole who was able to get a gun easily because we apparently value inanimate objects with the capacity to kill more than people. And the kicker? I could probably get a gun easier than I got my license.

For those that haven’t read my past entries: I have cerebral palsy that affects my right side to a small extent and because of this I had to jump through a few hoops to get my driver’s license when it clearly didn’t impact my ability to drive. It took about 4 months total to get my license what with all of the paperwork, doctor’s visit, and brake test, and more paperwork. But oh, I could probably get a gun easily. Maybe not in my state, but out of state? Damn right I could get one easily. I don’t even need to prove I know how to shoot, just say the right words and look like I belong.

There’s something fucked up about that. So, I will always blame the ease of getting a gun for these shootings until something is done with regards to that. I also just hate guns, I think they’re for pussies. If you legitimately have a need for a gun, then by all means: get one. But mostly it’s just assholes that ‘need protection’ from ‘the bad people’ (i.e. black people and the gubmint, obviously). So, there are my thoughts. Agree? Disagree? Let me know.

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