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Transitioning Transitional

October 5, 2015

This week begins my week without junk food. Okay, end of story. Bedeet, bedeet, bedeet that’s all folks!

….or not. See, I’ve been able to lose weight while continuing my junk food addiction, but I think now that I’m 36lbs lighter that I need to start transitioning away from the junk and thus begins junk food-less week. Ugh, this is gonna suuuuuuuuuuuck. But it must be done. I’m also doing it as a test: my willpower vs. my junk food habit. I’m going to place money on my junk food habit, but heeeey….I might surprise myself. My willpower is pretty strong…mostly. My mother and H-bomb used to be in agreement: I am like a dog with a bone. So! I’m going to make this work for me again by resisting the junk. I’m not going to count cracker-type snacks because while I’m not eating the junk, I do need to switch to something less…loaded down in calories. So cracker based snacks it is. At least I can control the portions better with them as well.

Day 1, The journey has been long and sorrowful…I look at my bag of cheese balls and I can do nothing. It just sits there with a pleadingly colorful bag that says, “Eat me,” wait…that sounds too perverted. Fuck it. I can do nothing but look at it with my eyes filled with resignation and sadness. I can do nothing because I need to do nothing. Oh, how long will this journey last, I do not know. Whoever made this bag knew what they were doing…I must turn away in sorrow and regret and move forward no matter how much it pains me…

Yeeeaaaah…I’ll update more about this tomorrow and let you all know how I’m doing. Not sure that you really asked for that, but it is my blagh, so screw it.

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